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Our Aims

Clifton welcomes children from all faiths, but has a strong Christian ethic. It aims to develop its pupils according to their individual abilities so that they become responsible and self-confident young people. Through the curriculum followed, they are adequately prepared for secondary school and for life. In the strong belief that social interaction and development are of prime importance, the school lays stress on good manners and consideration for others. Pupils are also encouraged to accept difficulty and challenge as a necessary step toward reaching their full potential. As parents play a vital role in the education of their children, the school encourages positive and meaningful communication between parents and staff.


Our History

Clifton was founded in 1984 as an independent co-educational school. It was named after one of our founding parents, Beryl Clifton. From the humble beginnings in a single wooden cabin on borrowed ground behind a church, Clifton has grown during the past 40 years into a fully double streamed academic institution with over 200 learners. The school is situated on 5 hectares of land to the North of Francistown's city centre.

With a balanced enrolment of boys and girls, it offers realistic class sizes from Reception to Standard 7, allowing a measure of individual attention. It is multicultural in nature, and is supported by both Batswana citizens and expatriates.

The school is governed by a Board of Governors elected annually by the Debenture holders and supported by an active Parent Teacher Association.

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Our Mission

Clifton School is committed to ensuring that each child has the opportunity to realise his or her full potential and that the foundation will be laid for each child to develop fully his or her physical and mental attributes and to achieve a wholesome balance socially, emotionally and spiritually, finding fulfillment in his or her own religion.

The school is committed to providing a dynamic learning environment where teachers and pupils can interact freely, with each child building self esteem and taking responsibility for his or her own learning, and that of his or her peers.

Children will learn to think independently, developing an environmental awareness through a broad-based curriculum, which will take cognizance of our immediate home in Botswana, and our place in the global environment.

Our School

Clifton Prep 40th Logo

Plot 3170, Area L

Francistown, Botswana

Phone: 2413979 / 2418571

Fax: 2416241


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