Clifton Preparatory School, situated in Francistown, Botswana, welcomes children from all faiths, but has a strong Christian ethos. It aims to develop its pupils according to their individual abilities so that they become responsible and self-confident young people. Through the curriculum followed, they are prepared for secondary school and for life. In the strong belief that social interaction and development are of prime importance, the school lays stress on good manners and consideration for others. Pupils are also encouraged to accept difficulty and challenge as a necessary step toward reaching their full potential. As parents play a vital role in the education of their children, the school encourages positive and meaningful communication between parents and staff.

Clifton was founded in 1984 as an independent co-educational school. The school is situated in 5 hectares of land to the North of Francistown City Centre. With a balanced enrollment of boys and girls, it offers realistic class sizes from Reception to Standard 7, allowing a measure of individual attention. It is multicultural in nature, and is supported by both Batswana citizens and expatriates. The school is governed by a Board of Governors elected annually by the Debenture holders and supported by the active Parent Teacher Association. Our Motto is "Endure with Courage". 
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The College Weekly - 5 September 2016 (added on 8 Sep 2016)
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Timetable for Cambridge IGCSE Oct/Nov 2016 Exam (added on 8 Sep 2016)
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Timetable for Cambridge AS and A Level Oct/November 2016 Exam (added on 8 Sep 2016)
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College Sports Timetable for Term Three 2016 (added on 8 Sep 2016)
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College Test Schedule for Sept/Oct 2016 (added on 8 Sep 2016)
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 Each child at Clifton is encouraged to find at least one area in which he or she can excel, and then to work particularly hard at that area. Success in any extra-curricular activity, both inside or outside of school is acknowledged and given due praise.


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