Clifton welcomes children from all faiths, but has a strong Christian ethos. It aims to develop its pupils according to their individual abilities so that they become responsible and self-confident young people. Through the curriculum followed, they are adequately prepared for secondary school and for life. In the strong belief that social interaction and development are of prime importance, the school lays stress on good manners and consideration for others. Pupils are also encouraged to accept difficulty and challenge as a necessary step toward reaching their full potential.  As parents play a vital role in the education of their children, the school encourages positive and meaningful communication between parents and staff.

Background and History

Clifton was founded in 1984 as an independent co-educational school. The school is situated in 5 hectares of land to the North of Francistown’s city centre.

With a balanced enrolment of boys and girls, it offers realistic class sizes from Reception to Standard 7, allowing a measure of individual attention. It is multicultural in nature, and is supported by both Batswana citizens and expatriates.

The school is governed by a Board of Governors elected annually by the Debenture holders and supported by the active Parent Teacher Association.


Extramural Activities

The school has one all-purpose field, a 25-metre swimming pool, a junior training pool, two tennis courts, and a sports pavilion. The sports coached are swimming, tennis, cricket, softball, athletics, cross-country, netball, hockey, and soccer. Exercise for Life in the form of water aerobics and traditional dance lessons are also offered. Healthy competition is encouraged in all sports, with pupils being expected to play hard and fair, but to be gracious in defeat and humble in victory.

To complete a well-rounded education, Clifton also offers a wide range of cultural activities, appropriate to each age group. Activities offered include Chess, Mmele, Art and Crafts Clubs, Christian Fellowship Groups, Setswana Club, Recorders and Marimba Groups, Senior and Junior Choir, Quiz Club, Outreach and Conversational Setswana. Each adds an opportunity for fulfilment and success – necessary ingredients for healthy development.  Senior Primary and Junior Primary stage productions, music concerts, assemblies, and other functions are regular features of the school year.

Pupils are expected to participate in at least one sport, and one cultural activity. However they may do more if they wish. All pupils participate in swimming.

Excursions and Development Programmes

Excursions to places of interest and into the magnificent wild life areas of Botswana and neighbouring countries are an integral part of school life. Interaction with children from other schools provides stimulation and enrichment for our older pupils, with programmes like the Cultural weekend. Personal Growth and Life Skills are further enhanced through Building Balanced Lives camps, which run from Reception to Standard 7 and the Preparation for High School Programme for Standard 7. 


The school has excellent facilities including a superb hall, library, computer centre, resource room, science laboratory, and art room in addition to well-equipped classrooms. Each class has its own Apple TV and a full set of IPads are available to enhance the learning process.

Prospectus closing

It is not possible to create the full impression of the school within the space of this prospectus. You are most welcome to visit Clifton to see for yourself what we offer, and to experience the positive and happy spirit that pervades the school.