The popularity of independent education has grown tremendously over the years. Parents from a wide variety of backgrounds realise that ‘education’ is the most precious gift that they can given their children.  They realise that in today’s world, characterised by the phenomenon of a global economy, knowledge is the key to getting the competitive edge and a secure future. The new global citizen needs to be able to adapt to change and indeed embrace change. Our citizens need the skills to be life long learners. They therefore look increasingly to the independent sector for the excellence and individual care they want for their children. Every parent wants their child to reach his or her maximum potential and not just in academic matters. They are looking for an education which stretches children and which provides them with a wide variety of choice in areas such as sport, art, music and recreation. They are looking for an education which instills self discipline and sound universal values, while at the same time promotes healthy social skills and emotional intelligence.

One of the great advantages of independent schools is that they attract pupils from all over the world. Young people have the opportunity to create friendships with other pupils from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds. The most important benefit is that classes are smaller and teacher/pupil ratios are low. Independent schools have to be responsive to the needs of parents. They have flourished because they listen carefully to what the parents want and ensure they provide it. It is the diversity of independent schools and their sensitivity to the prevailing market forces which is the hallmark of their success and the reason why they will continue to be chosen by parents who are looking for the very best for their children.

HISTORY - Clifton College opened its doors in January 2011 with a class of 15 pupils. The school is a registered company and managed by a Board of Governors. The school is a sustained member of the Conference of Heads of Private Schools of Botswana (CHOPS).

Academics – Clifton College opened in January 2011, responding to the considerable demand, from our parent body. The school will continue to grow, one form per year, until a sixth form is opened. Comprehensive plans are in place to build a customised college to cater for all the modern demands of an international curriculum. In the College emphasis is placed on meeting each student’s individual needs, while at the same time developing the co-operative and team skills so essential in today’s workplace. Our pupils will be equipped to secure places in tertiary institutions within Botswana and the SADC region as well as internationally.

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Prep Monday Memo - 21 November 2016 (added on 22 Nov 2016)
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Prep Monday Memo - 7 November 2016 (added on 7 Nov 2016)
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College Form 1-3 End-of-year Examination Timetable (added on 25 Oct 2016)
College Form 1-3 End-of-year Examination Timetable
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Monday Memo - 24 October 2016 (added on 25 Oct 2016)
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Prep Monday Memo - 17 October 2017 (added on 17 Oct 2016)
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 "We aim to provide a sound education and a balanced curriculum within a purposeful environment. Each student is encouraged to develop self-confidence and to assume responsibility for themselves and others. Throughout their years at Clifton College we expect all students will benefit from their experiences and acquire the necessary skills for successful transfer to tertiary education and on into adult life"

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